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In person attendees are required to be  vaccinated against  Covid - 19

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Learn to Sew! - In Person - 4 weeks ($140)Register

Instructor: Barbara Hendricks, Owner/Director, Master the Art of Sewing



6/23, 6/30, 7/14, 7/21 - 6/16

6:00 PM - 8:30


Learn Critical Sewing Skills in a friendly and supportive environment at West Side Sewing Studio, 27 Sims Ave, Providence, RI. 6/23, 6/30, 7/14, and 7/21, 6PM - 8:30
This class is a series of 4 weekly meetings (2.5 hours / class). Classes will meet on Thursday evenings in June and July.
The series is intended to teach the skills needed, in order to progress from a novice (or complete beginner) level to the point of being able to use basic sewing patterns to make garments or home goods 

Students will prepare a book of samples for future reference while learning sound skills in developing their garment making skills.
It will be helpful for participants to have access to a well working sewing machine, for practice between classes, but this is not required.
Participants will complete 2 out of 3 projects which incorporate skills presented in class.

Instructed by: Barbara Hendricks (


Instructional videos will be used and shared with participants following each class, for their personal reference.

Class capped at 4 participants


Jane Headley, Couture Seamstress, Instructor Register - Remote
Register - In Person

Couture Dress - Hybrid (In Person and Remote) 9 weeks ($315)



4/21 - 6/16

11:00AM - 1:30


Intermediate/ Advanced:

Many of us would love a “go to” classic dress (or more than one) in our wardrobes. So why not make one that flatters and fits well? Find the silhouette that best suits your body and create the dress of your choice in any color. Couture methods will be applied, including under lining, darts, zipper insertions, etc. We will accessorize to complete the look and even discover ways to add versatility to it. Recommended Pattern(s): pattern of choice TBD at first class  


Instructed by: Jane Headley (


Class capped at 12 participants (8 in person attendees and 4 remote participants)




You Can Sew Knits - Make the T-shirt Dress: Jen Stern, Register

Remote via Zoom - 2 weeks ($80) Wednesdays May 4th and 11th, 5:30 - 8:00PM


It’s Dress Season! 

Do you want to try your hand at sewing a knit garment on the sewing machine? Then join me for this fun class.  We will be making a T-Shirt Dress!  Instead of working with one pattern, you can choose the dress that’s most flattering for your shape.  If dresses are not your thing, no worries!  You can shorten the hem to make a tunic.  No matter which dress you decide on, you’ll learn how to sew knits on your sewing machine,  finish neckline and armholes and finish the hems!   If you need help picking out a dress to work on, please email me at


Pattern will be forwarded to registrants, at no charge: PDF and Print (for full scale printing) versions. You can print at home and piece it together, or send it to be printed with the “Copy Shop” version! 

Which do you prefer?

1. The Abby Dress is a sleeveless sundress with a scoop neckline, an empire waist seam and A-Line Skirt. The Anna Dress features the choice of two front bodices, one with a bust dart for D+ Cup sizes and a dart free version for smaller cup sizes, 3/4 sleeves (that can be shortened or lengthened) and a flared skirt.


2. The Anna Dress features the choice of two front bodices, one with a bust dart for D+ Cup sizes and a dart free version for smaller cup sizes, 3/4 length sleeves (that can be shortened or lengthened) and a flared skirt.


Instructed by:
Jen Stern (


Class capped at 12 participants


Refund Policy:

Payment may be made by debit / credit card, is required at “checkout”, and to reserve a person’s spot in the class. No refund will be given for registrant cancellation unless the reserved seat in class is filled. Registrations are accepted on a first- come, first- serve basis, until the class is full (see caps in class descriptions). However, if the minimum number of students (5) is not reached by one week prior to the scheduled start date, class may be cancelled at the teacher’s or director’s discretion.


Previous Sessions:


Registration Closed

Naomi Lipsky & Barbara Hendricks - Instructors: Making the Faux Fur Vest

3 weeks, Weds. evenings, 11/03 - 11/17/21@ 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Remote Live Zoom Class ($70) 


In this 3 week class, participants will review the instructional highlights of skillfully working with faux fur, as presented by Kenneth D. King. Naomi and Barbara will lead you through the steps of making a faux fur vest, which will include the particulars of marking, cutting, sewing, and lining a basic faux fur vest. 

There will be video demonstrations, time for practicing skills, and all video demos will be shared on our Youtube channel for participants’ use. (This does not include videos shared by Kenneth on 10/07). 

It is not required that participants have attended the 10/07 presentation.


Recommended Pattern: Basic 3 piece vest: Fronts and Back (or a back with CB seam that can be made as one piece).  Fronts can overlap or meet in the middle. Example: McCalls M8050, Butterick 5359


Registrants will be provided with a list of recommended supplies.


Max 8 participants.

Registration Closed

Jane Headley - Instructor: Classic Tailoring

9 weeks, Weds. afternoons, 1:00 - 3:30PM, starting Weds., 9/29/21 ($315)


Join Jane and friends to make your first, second, or maybe third classically tailored jacket or coat. 

Participants’ final project will be a blazer or coat  which is constructed using classic methods, combining both hand and machine stitching. Finishing techniques include bound buttonholes, welt pockets, notched or shawl collar, vented sleeves, and hand - inserted linings. 

This is a construction class. (Students will be expected to have a muslin of the pattern they will use) that fits for the first class, at which time we will fine tune the muslin. 


Suggested patterns:Vogue V1752, V1562, Butterick B6430, B6862, SBCC Rickey Jacket SB339

A pattern needs to have: Notched or shawl collar, a 2 piece sleeve and a lining pattern included.  Pattern needs to be approved 2 weeks prior to the first class.

Max 12 participants.

Registration Closed

Jen Stern - Instructor: The Great Ruboff

3 wks., Weds. evenings, 5:30 - 8:00PM, REMOTE, starting 10/13 ($105)


Do you have something hanging in your closet that you wish you had more than one of? Or, maybe  you got a stain on your favorite tee. Join me for this fun class and I’ll show you how to clone your  ready-to-wear! We will be using Rub Off techniques in class to create pattern pieces without the need  to cut about the garment. There are two ways to Rub Off a garment. For simple things like sleeveless  tees and straight skirts, I’ll show you how to use the Paper Rub Off Method. This involves pinning your  garment to paper and tracing around the edges. For more complicated garments with sleeves and  style lines, I’ll show you how to use the Pattern Ease (or Muslin) Rub Off Method. Not all garments are  easily copied. I’ll show you how to make pattern pieces that are ready to sew. Plus discover which  garments and fabrics are easier to work with and result in more accurate pattern pieces. This class is  taught in three sessions. During the first class, pick out something simple to work with, like a straight  skirt or sleeveless top. In the second class we’ll tackle a tee or top with sleeves. In the final class you  can pick a third garment you’d like to Rub Off! Bring all the garments you’d like to work with so we can  look at them and decide which method would be best to use.


The Great Rub Off Workbook (Workbook includes instructions for a tank, straight skirt, tee or top &  simple shorts.) The Workbook is purchased separately from JStern Designs -  $20 for Print Version and $9.99 for PDF version; info to purchase will be available by 9/01.

Purchase the workbook here!


Please see this document for the full description and list of supplies


Max 10 participants.


Registration Closed

Nancy Hoell - Instructor - 3 Class Series

Participants may register for 2, 4,  6, or 8 weeks 

Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:30PM -  Oct. 14 - Dec. 09

Evening class - In studio (West Side Sewing); bring your sergers.


Weeks 1 - 4: 10/14 - 11/04 -  Class 1 of 3 - Know and love your Serger ($140)

Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:30PM

Nancy is excited to share her serger- related expertise with you, in person, as she can coach you in person, on your own machine.

The first 4 weeks of this 8 week offering will focus on how to maximize use of your serger, master the different stitches, and know how and when to use them. 

Participants will be expected to make a “Serger Stitch Sample Book,” noting the stitch settings for “best practice” stitch applications, based on chosen fabrics and purpose. If you have some angst or frustration with your serger, this class is for you! You will become knowledgeable about your own serger and appreciative of its usefulness in replicating many ready to wear clothes. You will have the opportunity to construct a garment and create a stitch catalogue. Serger competence is not required, although previous serger experience is strongly advised. A 4 (or more) thread serger is required.

(Sergers are brought to classes for practice following instruction and demonstration).

Recommended Book(s): Sewing with Sergers - the Complete Handbook for Overlock Sewing (Brown / Palmer) strongly suggested. 


Sample Book: 3 ring binder, page protectors

Serger - manual, accessories, in good working condition 

Fabric samples

Needles for serger

4 Serger threads


Weeks 5 - 6: 11/11, 11/18 - Class 2 of 3 - Heirloom Serging ($70)

Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:30 PM  

HYBRID class available (in person or remote access via Zoom).

Required: Serger Proficiency


Nancy’s Martha Pullen experience will show you how to master Classic Heirloom techniques with your serger and achieve quick, easy and flawless results. Heirloom serging is a unique way to create and  embellish fabric.

In this class you will learn 6 classic Heirloom techniques. You will become knowledgeable and confident using your serger for a new application. Heirloom sewing is used in today's eclectic fashion, as well as in children’s clothing . 

This is the ideal follow up class to Know and Love your Serger or any beginner serger class. We will create one serger heirloom project (pillow front) in class, and gain the  confidence to create more on your own.

Serger Heirloom Pillow Supply List:


14” pillow insert

4 spools of serger thread to match fabric

18” of insertion lace, 5/8” or wider

1 yard, Embroidered insertion, 1” wide or wider, cut into 2, 18” long strips

1 Yard Bridging, cut into 2, 18” long strips

1 yard, 1/4’ wide ribbon, optional

2 pieces of pillow fabric, 8” x !8” (Pillow sides, Pintucks)

4 strips of fabric, 3” x WOF (width of fabric) ruffle

4 yds narrow lace edging


Pillow back, 2 pieces of 10” x 18” fabric

We will complete the pillow front in class. The completion is simple. It can be completed after class.




Weeks 7 - 8: 12/02, 12/09 - Class 3 of 3 - Heirloom Project ($70)

Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:30 PM

Lace Blouse, perfect for the holidays 

Participants must be familiar with Heirloom Serging Techniques

Registration Closed

Jane Headley, Couture Seamstress, Instructor 

Lace Skirt - REMOTE - 5 weeks ($175)


1/06 - 2/03/22

1:00PM - 3:30


Make a unique and fun pencil skirt using guipure lace over silk charmeuse. (Guipure lace is a type of bobbin lace). It connects the motifs with bars or plaits rather than net or mesh). The lace is hand applied and the finished look is seamless A basic straight skirt pattern is needed. The front is on the fold and the zipper is in the back. No waistband is used.


Recommended patterns: Vogue 1004,  McCalls 8051


Instructed by: Jane Headley (


Class capped at 12 participants

Registration Closed

Jane Headley, Couture Seamstress, Instructor 

French Jacket - Hybrid (In Person and Remote) 9 weeks ($315)



2/10 -  4/14 (This is 9 weeks with Mar. 10 off)

1:00 - 3:30PM


Intermediate/ Advanced:

The “Little French Jacket” (Chanel) is a classic that has endured the test of time for various reasons. It remains a classic style that is as comfortable as a cardigan sweater. This class will begin by fitting a shoulder princess muslin with a 2-3 piece sleeve pattern. The jacket will be sewn in a boucle fabric using various couture techniques, embellishments and a weight chain will be added to complete your own “Little French Jacket.”


Recommended pattern(s): Vogue 7975 or “Susan Khalje French Jacket” on


Instructed by: Jane Headley (


Class capped at 12 participants (8 in person attendees and 4 remote participants)

Registration Closed

Nancy Hoell - Master Seamstress, Instructor 

Athletic Leisure Wear - In person/ Hybrid - 4 weeks- ($140)



6:00 - 8:30 PM

3/10/22 - 3/31


This is a great springtime class - make some athletic / leisure wear for the ore active months ahead. Basic Serger skills, including the ability to thread your 4+ thread serger, are necessary for this project based class. We will build on the basics and learn more about fabrics and serger stitches that are designed for Athletic Leisurewear. Under Nancy's expert eye, you'll finish at least one garment, pants and /or a top. (The number of projects is only limited by the time you choose to put into this “work” outside of class). You will be prepared to create pants, tops and leggings / skirt). Plus, you'll have the confidence and know-how to create an entire Athletic Leisurewear wardrobe!


Supply recommendations will be available to registered participants.


Class capped at 10 participants


Registration Closed

Pamela Leggett - Pamela’s Patterns / Certified Palmer Pletsch  Sewing Instructor

Pants……. Perfected! Pants Fitting  -  In person - 2 Day Workshop


Mar 10th and 11th

9:00  -  5:00PM


Pants…Perfected! your pant fitting solution


Get ready to make a great fitting pair of pants!  Even though two days seems like a whole lot of time, you most likely will not completely finish.  All of your fitting challenges should be addressed and conquered, and any finish work will be demonstrated and discussed prior to leaving.  Having up to 10 people in a class means some down time during the first day, but lots of educational opportunities to watch many types of bodies being fitted.


Great fitting pants are within your reach with Pants... Perfected! Pamela has addressed the issues many women face when trying to fit pants such as baggy back legs, waistbands that don't fit, darts that pull and crotch seams that are never in the right place. You'll learn how to achieve a great fit using "tissue fitting" and professional sewing construction techniques. During a class you will construct a pair of Classic Pants from woven fabric that will fit beautifully! Then see how easy it is to use your pattern for the Magic Pants and Grown-Up Leggings!

  • - Pattern/Stream Combo - $30.00 



Wear To Class:

- For the first day, please wear tights/stockings/bike shorts/tight leggings and good underwear that do not leave a dent in your tummy area.  You will be stripping down in front of everyone and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable! Also bring a robe or a long dress/shirt if you don’t want to sew in your underwear - you will be changing in and out of your pants a lot!  Slip on shoes are also helpful.

- For the second day you will not need tights, just underwear.


Read more Here: Supplies to Bring to Class Leggett Supplies: March 2022

Instructed By: Pamela Leggett (


Class capped at 8 participants

Registration Closed

Kim Larcom - Astrosportswear Activewear, Entrepreneur 

Sew a Super Sportsbra! Remote Only via Zoom: 3 weeks ($90)



2/03 - 2/17

6:00 - 8:00PM


Learn skills needed for sewing professional looking performance / activewear in this sportsbra class. Sportsbras are for any body type, size and shape. They start with a great pattern. Then we  can customize to have removable cups, princess seams for contour, fabrics that support and even adjustable straps. Sportsbras are as beautiful as traditional bras but much more versatile. In this class we will begin with a basic sportsbra pattern and use our personal body measurements to choose a pattern size. We will then compare pattern specifics to our personal measurements and apply this information to alter the pattern to a custom fit. We will discuss the different styles for the front, back, straps and closures for sportsbras.We will choose and prepare the fabrics to cut out our pieces. We will use such machines as straight stitch, overlock machine (serger), and optional coverstitch; however you can do everything with a machine that has a straight and zigzag stitch, only. Learn such techniques as elastic application, topstitching, enclosed seams, managing stretch fabrics to make your perfect sportsbra that looks and feels like it came from a high end activewear producer (that will be you)!



Straight & Zigzag machine (overlock / serger is very helpful too)

Pattern - to be secured from Kim Larcom prior to  class

Fabric- info regarding where and what to purchase will be provided before the class begins.


Class capped at 10 participants




Registration Closed

You Can Sew Knits - Make a Mini Knapsack: Jen Stern

Remote via Zoom - Saturday, March 19th, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM ($75)


Learn / reinforce basic sewing skills in a 3 hour session, while making this versatile drawstring backpack! That’s right, you do not need a fancy sewing machine or serger to sew knit fabrics! Join Jenn and learn how to get great results using a few basic built-in stitches on your sewing machine. After practicing sewing on a variety of knit fabrics, we’ll explore some cool techniques while making a fun knapsack. The body of the bag is made from a ponte knit that’s stable enough to hold it’s shape. Learn how to use knit binding to finish the top edges of the patch pockets. Then stabilize the bottom edges of the bag with fusible stay tape. A drawstring closure will keep all your stuff inside. We’ll take advantage of the fact that some knits curl to make a quick, no-sew drawstring! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create straps just by folding the edges together and securing them with the triple zig-zag. Choose one or two shoulder straps and customize the length so it’s comfortable to tote around. You’ll leave class with a knit bag that’s ready to take with you on all your errands... Hands Free!! Some pre work is required (link below) to be ready for this 3 hour class.

Please Note:  Pre-class Preparation


Instructed by:
Jen Stern (


Class capped at 12 participants



To see the full list of Previous Sessions, please visit this page

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