The Great Ruboff

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The Great Ruboff

Jen Stern - Instructor: The Great Ruboff

3 wks., Weds. evenings, 5:30 - 8:00PM, REMOTE, starting 10/13 ($105)


Do you have something hanging in your closet that you wish you had more than one of? Or, maybe  you got a stain on your favorite tee. Join me for this fun class and I’ll show you how to clone your  ready-to-wear! We will be using Rub Off techniques in class to create pattern pieces without the need  to cut about the garment. There are two ways to Rub Off a garment. For simple things like sleeveless  tees and straight skirts, I’ll show you how to use the Paper Rub Off Method. This involves pinning your  garment to paper and tracing around the edges. For more complicated garments with sleeves and  style lines, I’ll show you how to use the Pattern Ease (or Muslin) Rub Off Method. Not all garments are  easily copied. I’ll show you how to make pattern pieces that are ready to sew. Plus discover which  garments and fabrics are easier to work with and result in more accurate pattern pieces. This class is  taught in three sessions. During the first class, pick out something simple to work with, like a straight  skirt or sleeveless top. In the second class we’ll tackle a tee or top with sleeves. In the final class you  can pick a third garment you’d like to Rub Off! Bring all the garments you’d like to work with so we can  look at them and decide which method would be best to use.


The Great Rub Off Workbook (Workbook includes instructions for a tank, straight skirt, tee or top &  simple shorts.) The Workbook is purchased separately from JStern Designs -  $20 for Print Version and $9.99 for PDF version; info to purchase will be available by 9/01.

Purchase the workbook here!

Please see this document for the full description and list of supplies


Max 10 participants.

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